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Imagine a day where your hard work for the whole year has paid off, an almost magical event that turns your wishes into reality. Yes, you know what we’re talking about, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for shoppers and salesmen alike: Black Friday!

If you’re not one for crowds you better avoid any and all shops on the 25th of November, because this curios occasion marks the calendar that turns the most good natured people into ‘psycho shoppers’.

It might be very tempting to go out and buy the five glass hammers for the price of one that the carefully crafted sales ad so eloquently discloses only to be available on Black Friday. However, be aware of the budget busting tactics that marketers use. They may charm you into throwing caution into the wind when it comes to your finances. We have compiled a few tips and tricks to help you navigate your finances this Black Friday.

Set a Black Friday limit

Consider your budget, set a limit accordingly, and most importantly, stick to your guns! Be stronger than the pressure of Black Friday ads and excited peers sending you all sorts of items on sale you never knew you ‘needed’ until now. You may not accomplish everything you’ve set out to buy, but at least your budget will be intact and your future self will thank you coming next February when you need money rather than a good deal!

Plan for Black Friday

If you’re one of the courageous consumers heading out on Black Friday, at least have a plan of action. Know what you want, look around ahead of time and plan your route. Try to keep the stores you’d like to visit as close as possible to eliminate time and fuel spent walking, driving and standing around in lines.

Early bird catches the sale on Black Friday

Some places will offer early Black Friday deals, and you might want to consider it to avoid spending too much time in the shops on actual Black Friday. If there are deals that you want to get to on Black Friday, get there before the store opens. This way there might be less competition for the product or chances of tying you into a frenzy leaving your shoppers instinct to buy whatever is tossed around in the crowd.

Discreet Return Policy

Some stores might take advantage of the ‘shoot shopping’ phenomena on Black Friday and have the return policy ‘clearly’ stated in the smallest of fonts possible on ads and receipts. You may think you’re saving money thanks to a great deal, but those savings may be null and void when an unwanted gift cannot be returned due to a store having a limited or no return policy. Keep this in mind before you shop, and check with the store before making your purchase.

Cyber Monday

Let’s talk about the ‘connected’ cousin of Black Friday, Cyber Money. On Monday, 28 November many stores advertise online-only deals and label it Cyber Monday. It is a good opportunity to give the frenzy a miss and still get great deals. The same principles apply of setting a limit, planning, getting online early and enquire about return policies. We can add another three tips when shopping online to avoid being scammed:

  1. Making sure the site you’ve visiting is legit by cross checking it multiple sources.
  2. Weigh up item prices and quality with the store peers.
  3. When making a payment online, check that the site is using reputable intermediary financing technology that facilitates the transaction.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be both a fun and chaotic. It’s a great way to get your Christmas shopping out of the way while saving money. However, it’s easy to make the mistake of getting carried away and spending too much. You can accomplish what you want without burning through your wallet.