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Claiming from the Road Accident Fund (RAF)

In South Africa, anyone involved in a vehicle accident has the privilege to claim damages from the Road Accident Fund (RAF).
Even though we have such an amazing government controlled organization, it is not necessarily easy to claim from the RAF.  There are terms and conditions, processes to be followed, documents to be completed and more than enough terminology that is not the easiest to understand.

When submitting your claim, you can either submit it yourself directly to the RAF, or you can appoint an attorney to do it.

We strongly encourages accident victims to use an attorney/lawyer.

Below are a few of the reasons why we have this recommendation:

The benefits of appointing an attorney:

  • They manage the whole claim process for you. From preparation, to submission, management and pay-out of your claim.
  • They build a strong claim so you receive appropriate compensation and conduct the negotiations with the RAF on your behalf.
  • Attorneys track the progress of the claim and follow up if there are unusual delays.
  • Most of the attorneys work on a No Win – No Fee model, so you do not have to pay the attorney anything until the claim is actually completed.

What could happen if you don’t hire an attorney?

  • It could be difficult to meet all the requirements needed to make the most of your claim.
  • A claim could be rejected due to weak, contradicting or too little evidence provided.
  • You could experience substantial delays and lower payouts than with an attorney.
  • Your negotiation power might be lower due to your limited knowledge of reasonable payout amounts.

The points above can be the reasons why some victims walk away from the accident with little or no compensation, while others are well cared for.

The next step, once you have decided to use an attorney, is to actually pick one.

When hiring an attorney, what should you look for?

  • An attorney who is close to you so you can visit the offices when needed.
  • Ensure the attorney has handled cases like yours before.
  • Is the attorney easily contactable and respond to inquiries?
  • Make sure you can trust the attorney.
  • Get a 3rd party to give you a reference on the attorney.

We can act as a 3rd party to give you a reference on an attorney. We have worked with many attorneys before and can guide you to pick one that you can trust and work with. If you would like assistance in selecting a suitable attorney just email us on apply@staging.webridge.co.za and we will be glad to assist.

Claiming through an attorney would give you peace of mind, knowing your compensation has been maximized and no stone has been left un-turned.