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Learn how to fast track a RAF payout to get the money in your pocket sooner.

Imagine being left in the scorching hot desert with no water and only a map on how to get to an oasis. You’re in dire need of a glass of water, but unfortunately, it will take a very long time to get there. With every passing second you become increasingly dehydrated and you start to wonder whether you will make it to the oasis at all. This analogy rings true for some victims of a road accident when waiting for a RAF claim payout out after a car crash injury, disability due to traffic accident or even death of a provider for dependents following a vehicle collision.

Luckily, there is a way to fast forward RAF claim funds to ease the strain of waiting.


Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims take 180 days to be paid out according to the RAF website, but in practice our experience shows that payouts can take up to 365 days after settlement. The timing of your RAF claim payout might be critical to your survival, but there is nothing you can do about it, there is no fast forward button to push…or is there?


Fast tracking a RAF claim is not possible and even when your situation is deemed an emergency, the RAF will treat your case like any other; first come, first serve. Luckily, there are at least two ways to obtain your RAF money sooner: 1) a RAF loan or 2) RAF bridging finance. Bridging finance sounds almost like a loan and you might wonder; how does bridging finance work? Firstly, RAF bridging finance is not a loan. A loan means that you indebt yourself by repaying interest on a monthly basis for the service of receiving money. The interest rate is governed by the NCR (National credit Regulator) to make sure that the public does not get over indebted. RAF bridging finance is an advance on RAF claim funds that already belongs to you. It is not possible to be over indebted through a bridging finance agreement. In order to be eligible for RAF financing you need have been awarded a settlement from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) and have claimed via an attorney.


Nothing in this world is free, but some things are worth paying for, especially if it buys you time, or rather speeds up time. To be able to speed up RAF claim funds, bridging finance companies ask a fee for providing the funds. It can be seen as the cost of your “fast forward button”. The finance bridging fee will differ depending on which company is used, the amount of funds needed and how much is paid out in bulk.


It seems simple enough, but some serious thought needs to be applied before making the decision of going the RAF financing route. Which bridging finance company to approach is one of the most important questions to ask. Only a responsible bridging finance company will ask you whether you really need RAF money right now and whether you really need ALL of the RAF money right now. The more RAF money you need and the sooner you need your RAF funds to be paid, the more expensive it is going to get. It is important to choose a responsible bridging finance company that not only understand your financial needs to determine the amount to bridge the period until your RAF claim pays out, but will look out for your best interests in determining how to structure the pay out of your funds to you.


We can provide you with not only a “fast forward button” for your RAF claim payout, but also with the knowledge on how to use your RAF advance more efficiently and responsibly. At WeBridge we pride ourselves to be responsible and transparent in bridging finance. We strive to always put our clients’ needs first and to clearly differentiate between NEED and WANT. We will assess your current needs and suggest the best course of action to make your RAF advance last as long as possible and to keep the cost of your “fast forward button” as low as possible.

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