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WeBridge buys your RAF claim and you receive cash immediately.
Bridging finance and personal loans are different. Bridging finance provides you with funds NOW instead of you having to wait for future funds. Agents typically facilitate this. With WeBridge, there are no agents. We provide the finance and no additional agent fees applies. WeBridge’s RAF bridging finance application is quick and easy.

RAF Loan Road Accident Fund loan RAF loan RAF money RAF Advance RAF payout Raf loan RAF Loan RAF Loan RAF Loan RAF Loan RAF Loan RAF Loan RAF Loan RAF Loan How to get a raf loan? We give RAF loans RAF loans quick and easy. What is a RAF loan? RAF loans are advances granted to victims of road accidents that claimed from the road accident fund


All applications are processed within one business day after you have provided us with the required information.

We buy claims for a fixed monthly discounting charge. The most important aspect is that
you will know upfront how much it will cost you monthly.
No upfront fees or any hidden costs. Talk to one of our consultants to discount your claim.

  • No agent fees
  • No hidden monthly charges/fees
  • No upfront application fees
  • Professional and friendly service
  • Simple online application
  • Speedy application approval feedback
  • If your claim takes more than 6 months to pay out we amend our rates accordingly, so you don’t pay more than you should!
Get in Touch
Contact us or complete the online application
We phone you, determine your financial needs and provide you with a contract to sign.
You accept and sign.

WeBridge provides you with the RAF cash in your bank account.


1. Seller’s Property Proceeds Bridging
If you have sold your property but the transfer has not yet been completed, you may qualify for an advance on your property proceeds.

2. Estate Agent Commission Bridging
If you are an estate agent or property broker and have sold a property, we can advance you the sale commission or agent commission bridging that is due to you. (Please note, we will need the principle of the agency’s approval to advance any commission.)


What is Business Finance?

Contrary to popular believe, applying for finance does not mean your business is struggling, in fact, it means the opposite. Tender finance and Invoice Discounting is the ideal way to keep your inventory at a sufficient levels for trouble-free business trade.

Why WeBridge?

We love to see businesses grow and we want you to succeed in the quickest, easiest way possible!

We know that as a businessman/woman time is the last thing you have available! Application through a bank is lengthy with loads of paperwork, strict legislations and many hoops to jump through before you have access to these funds.

When applying through WeBridge you can have your finances available in a much shorter time.

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