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Fast Forward your Fees on RAF Claims

Attorney Bridging Finance by WeBridge is tailor-made to cover the attorney’s fees associated with your clients’ road accident fund (RAF) claims. No more waiting in uncertainty; we fast forward your fees, ensuring you receive immediate cash to propel your legal practice forward.

Why do you need Attorney Fee Finance?

Navigating RAF claims can be time-consuming, and expenditures can accumulate quickly, putting a strain on your firm’s cash flow. With Attorney Fee Finance by WeBridge, you gain the crucial advantage of fast-forwarding your clients’ attorney fees, ensuring you have the necessary resources to propel your firm’s growth and success. By bridging the gap between the settlement period and the actual receipt of funds, you can cover your immediate financial obligations, invest in business expansion, and focus on providing the best legal representation to your clients. Attorney Fee Finance empowers you to seize opportunities, overcome financial hurdles, and maintain a competitive edge in the legal industry. Don’t let the burden of waiting hinder your firm’s potential—leverage the power of Attorney Fee Finance and unlock the financial freedom you need to thrive.

Qualification Criteria:

To qualify for Attorney Fee Finance, there are a few key requirements:

  • You must have a client with a valid court order or settlement letter indicating a settled RAF claim amount.
  • The specific claim’s fees may not have been bridged before
  • Registered Attorney: You must be a registered attorney listed on the LSSA (Law Society of South Africa).
  • Good Standing: You must be in good standing with the LSSA.

Documents Required for Application:

To apply for Attorney Fee Finance, you will need the following documents:

  • Stamped Court Order: Provide the stamped court order with the settled RAF claim amount clearly stated.
  • Proof of Banking Details: Submit valid proof of your banking details for seamless transactions.
  • Firm registration document
  • ID document

Transparent and Cost-Effective:

WeBridge understands the importance of transparent financial arrangements. With Attorney Fee Finance, we fast forward your fee on RAF claims for a fixed monthly discounting charge. The greatest advantage lies in the upfront knowledge of the monthly cost, empowering you to plan your finances accordingly. Say goodbye to upfront fees and hidden costs; our commitment is to provide you with a clear understanding of your financial obligations from the outset.

Get a Quick Quote:

Ready to take the next step? Click the link below and one of our friendly and competent consultants will phone you back and you will always talk to a human being! Our user-friendly process ensures a hassle-free application experience. Discover how Attorney Fee Finance can help you unlock the funds you need without delay.

Don’t let the burden of waiting for funds hinder your firm’s growth. With WeBridge’s Attorney Fee Finance, you can confidently navigate the legal landscape, knowing that your attorney’s fees are covered and immediate cash is at your disposal. Experience the peace of mind and professional representation you deserve. Take advantage of this specialized solution and unlock the power of Attorney Bridging Finance today.