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The Road Accident Fund (RAF) provides compensation to those who have sustained injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident which occurred on South African roads. The process of obtaining this compensation is however not something that happens overnight. Let’s take a look at how long it can take to receive compensation and how we can speed the process up.

A settlement has been reached

After years of struggle, uncertainty, countless doctor’s visits, meetings with attorneys, more doctor’s visits, more waiting, phone calls, emails, trial dates being postponed, FINALLY a settlement has been granted. You can breathe a sigh of relief, you are now finally done waiting and you are going to receive your RAF pay out, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that even after you have received your settlement offer from the RAF there is still MORE waiting to be done until you receive the actual pay-out.

The RAF pay-out process

After an offer has been accepted, the RAF has to load this settlement amount onto their system for payment. This process alone takes anywhere between 1-3 months. After the payment has been loaded, the RAF takes between 6 – 8 months to make payment. Essentially, the time from concluding the settlement to you actually receiving the pay-out can take as long as up to 12 months!

How can WeBridge help?

If you are tired of no-one being able to tell you when you are going to receive payment and tired of following up with your attorney to see if any money has been received and need funds urgently then we have the solution for you!

WeBridge buys a portion of your claim for a fixed price and you receive funds immediately! Because the price is fixed, you need not to worry about accumulating monthly charges. At WeBridge we do our utmost best to understand the financial needs of our clients and provide the best financial solution to meet each individual’s need.

Some companies offer huge upfront advances, resulting in high fees to be paid. With WeBridge, you can structure a payment plan of how much money you need when, thereby enabling us to provide you with finance much cheaper than a lump sum payment. We understand money, let us help you craft the best solution for your needs.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help and end the frustration of waiting, email us on apply@staging.webridge.co.za or you can call, WhatsApp or SMS us on 064 515 2983.