Property Bridging Finance

Unlocking your property proceeds

Seller's Property Proceeds Bridging

If you have sold your property but the transfer has not yet been completed, you may qualify for an advance on your property proceeds.

When you sell your property and all the paper work is done but you have not yet received your money from the transferring attorney.

It usually takes between 60 to 90 days for the property to register in the buyer’s name and only then will you get your proceeds. If you need some of the money now, we can provide you with an advance on a portion of your property pay out.

You may need to pay arrears or future rates & taxes for the transaction to proceed, or you may be buying elsewhere and need to put a deposit down on that property. You can even use it to settle urgent debts.

There is a cost to receiving an advance. A consultant will provide you with a quotation before you have to proceed with the advance.

Estate Agent Commission Bridging

If you are an estate agent or property broker and have sold a property, we can advance you the sale commission or agent commission bridging that is due to you.

(Please note, we will need the principle of the agency’s approval to advance any commission.)

There is a cost to up-front commission. A consultant will provide you with a quotation before you have to proceed with bridging transaction. The team will contact you with all the relevant information when you apply online for agent commission bridging.

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